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This Writer’s Life — Pt. 1

I’ve been a writer since my first elementary school creative writing assignment, which was in Fifth Grade at Joshua Circle Elementary School in Hesperia, California. The story was an amateurish schoolboy attempt at writing an original fairy tale. The story involved a King, some gold, and a con man. It had a twist ending, which …

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Tips for Writing Drunk & Editing Sober

THE GREATEST WRITING MAXIM THAT HEMINGWAY NEVER SAID “Write drunk, edit sober,” it’s an often-quoted bit of advice generally attributed to Ernest Hemingway. This pithy quote is all over the internet. You can buy Write Drunk Edit Sober posters, Write Drunk Edit Sober coffee mugs, and Write Drunk Edit Sober t-shirts, often accompanied by a …

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My Sample Restaurant Letter

THE LOST CUBAN ENJOY A NEW EXPERIENCE WITH GREAT COMPANY THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT IOWA’S ONLY CUBAN RESTAURANT… THE LOST CUBAN Dear Laura, I recently discovered Cedar Rapids premier Cuban restaurant, the Lost Cuban. You and I have often discussed the fact that we’re each bored with the dozen Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and other restaurants …

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